“A wonderful birth companion.”

Alexis was a wonderful Birth Companion. She made me and my family feel comfortable, and relaxed throughout my labor and birth. Just her mere presence spoke volumes when she accompanied me to Doctors Appointments. She was able to advocate on my behalf; asking the Doctors and Nurses tough questions that I didn't think to ask. She helped me with breathing techniques and showed my Husband how to assist and support me as well. She helped us get organized before going to the hospital and  she made the hospital room serene while I was in active labor. She was present  with me in the hours leading up to the  birth of my child and stayed to support my family after I had to have an Emergency C-Section. Shortly after giving birth, I was rushed to the E.R due to  severe hemorrhaging and woke up in ICU. Alexis kept me company in ICU as she and my husband would trade off visiting me and my newborn son. She showed me pictures and video of my baby so I wouldn't worry and stress out throughout such a traumatic process of recovery. The weeks following the birth of my son,  Alexis continued to visit and check in with my family and I. She ran errands, helped with household chores (laundry/dishes/bottles), and offered supportive advice when I needed it. She was even able to refer me to other agencies that could continue to assist me throughout my post partum.  Every person should have a Birth Companion, but consider yourself blessed if you have one as awesome as Alexis!  

— Zana

“Her sweet spirit and calm demeanor were so refreshing, and reassuring”

Our post partum doula Alexis was a God send! I can’t say enough how grateful my husband and I were to have this woman after the birth of our first child. She was just so intuitive to what we needed. Whether it was bringing over snacks, helping with household work, loving on baby while I could take a shower, or just a listening ear, she was there. She was always reliable, respectful, and so gentle with our baby. She helped us set healthy boundaries with visitors and even coordinated a care calendar for friends to come bring meals throughout the week. Her sweet spirit and calm demeanor were so refreshing, and reassuring. When I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right, she reminded me of my mama instincts, offered support and encouraged my husband in his new role as daddy. She truly loves to serve others. She’s not just my doula anymore, because of everything she has done for us, I consider her a dear friend. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in a post-partum doula.

— Korie

“I was able to have a safe & happy birth”

I had the pleasure of having Alexis as my doula with my first pregnancy. When I first met her, I was impressed by the knowledge she brought to the table and her dedication to pregnant women. Alexis combines feelings and reality with a strong intuition. I knew I could rely on her to feel safe and strong. I never felt alone even though I am a single parent. Her ability to connect with me and her talent made the situation easier. Alexis was always kind, caring, honest, and very professional throughout my pregnancy.  She is extremely organized and has the biggest heart out there. I truly believe that her expertise, passion for her job, and willingness to be flexible were the reasons I was able to have a safe and happy birth. I can’t thank her enough for making my dream of having a healthy child come true. And until this day she is there for me and always will because she becomes your family forever. My son Ryan and I love her so much.

— Leidy