Labor & Birth Care

$995 - Birth Care Package

Prenatal, Labor and Delivery Services

  • Initial free consultation and educational evidence based birth planning session with detailed information and resources

  • Prentatal visits with you and your medical provider 

  • On-call phone services - available 24 hours

  • Continuous emotional and physical support during labor and delivery

  • Comfort measures and pain coping techniques –position changes, visualization, relaxation, massage, effective pushing   

Post-Partum Care

$25 per hour - two hour minimum

Daytime and Overnight in home care and support 

  • Birth processing, emotional and physical support during recovery

  • Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping support and instruction

  • Newborn care and soothing techniques 

  • Light house cleaning and meal preparation

  • Baby equipment recommendations

  • Referrals to local resources and support

Matrescence Life Coaching

$300 Continuity of Care Package

Life Coaching - 6 Individualized Sessions

  • Self-Care Check in – personal assessment on your transition into motherhood

  • Who am I? – understanding your maternal identity and personal value

  • Reality Check – identifying your strengths and areas of growth 

  • Vision – strategic goal setting  

  • Action – motivating tools to help you pursue your purpose

  • Looking Ahead – Stepping into your destiny